Quinta de Seara D'Ordens


Quinta de Seara D'Ordens



The Quinta Seara D.Ordens Fine Tawny is a Port Wine of a classic label. From the annually produced in foot-press and in vats with automatic reassembling and temperature control, we select those who present the best conditions for the stay in vats and oak barrels. Red .coloured with golden highlights and dried fruit scents (walnut, almond and hazelnut), brings us a sweet and elegant freshness in the mouth, with a velvety flavour to finish in a most pleasant note.

Grapes: The most noble Douro grape varieties.

Tasting Note: Of topaz and golden color, the Porto Fine Tawny has a light, fine, fresh and elegant aroma. In the mouth, it reveals fresh sweetness, soft, slightly fruity and delicate finish.

Gastronomy: Cheeses from the Serra, regional desserts, pão-de-ló, dried fruits.

Winemaking: Stalking 100%, fermented in vats stainless steel.

Ageing: 48 months in oak barrels, 12 months in French oak casks and 3 months in bottle.

Ageing Capacity: It is an intense, well-evolved and fresh wine, and a positive ageing in the bottle is predictable for a several years after bottling.

Winemaker: Luís Soares Duarte

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Type Tawny Port
Year NA
Region Douro
Producer Quinta de Seara D'Ordens
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 19.5% Vol
Production 25.000 Bottles

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