Quinta de Seara D'Ordens


Quinta de Seara D'Ordens



A careful selection of the best Douro varieties and the traditional methods used on Quinta give this Tawny Reserve its unique personality, results from a blend with 8 at 10 years. The wine is extensively aged in oak barrels, has a light tawny colour, a developed bouquet with aromas of dried fruit. Rich, complex and velvety on the palate. Port is a natural product. It should be poured carefully, so as not to disturb the deposit that forms in the course of time.

Grape Varieties: The most noblet grape varieties of Douro.

Tasting Note: Of brownish color with reflections of Topaz, the Reserve Tawny is a Port Wine that presents in the nose a evolved and pronounced bouquet with notes of nuts (plum and almond). In the mouth, it reveals velvety, rich, complex, with notes of spices, finishing with an elegant and smooth flavor.

Gastronomy: Cheeses from the Serra, regional desserts, pão-de-ló, dried fruits.

Winemaking: Stalking at 50%, tanning in a traditional press with foot treading.

Ageing: 84 months in oak barrels, 12 months in French oak casks and 3 months in bottle.

Ageing Capacity: It is an intense, well-evolved and fresh wine, and a positive ageing in the bottle is predictable for a several years after bottling.

Winemaker: Luís Soares Duarte.

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Type Tawny Port
Year NA
Region Douro
Producer Quinta de Seara D'Ordens
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 19.5% Vol
Production 3000 Bottles

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