Poças Júnior

Poças Colheita 2001

Poças Júnior

Poças Colheita 2001


Description: Top quality port from from a single harvest, aged in hoof for at least seven years. In this process, young, fresh and fruity aromas evolve into a complex and elegant bouquet, well combined by a velvety texture and a persistent ending.

Grape varieties: Field blend. Vineyards aged 40-60 years.

Tasting Note: Amber. Iodine, vinegar and some resin. Delicate with notes of spice, balsamic and resin. Sweet and fresh aftertaste.

Gastronomy: Excellent digestive, accompanies especially sweet desserts such as almond tart, condensed milk tart, English cake and cheese island, smoked gouda, cigars. Serve at 18 ° C / 64 ° F or slightly cool.

Winemaking: Grapes selected in the vineyard and cut to size hand. Temperature controlled fermentation with maceration, interrupted by adding brandy.

Aging: In oak casks for a period of no less than 7 years. Evolves by oxidation similar to aged Port Wines, unique characteristics of the harvest year.

Winemaker: Jorge Manuel Pintão, André Pimentel Barbosa.

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Type Tawny Port
Year 2001
Region Douro
Producer Poças Júnior
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 20.17% Vol
Production NA

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