H.M. Borges


H.M. Borges



Sercial from a single harvest, aged in oak casks.

Grape varieties: 100% Sercial.

Tasting Notes: Light amber color, shiny appearance with golden reflections. Complex and exuberant aroma characteristic of this caste. Notes of orange, nuts, honey and nuts. In the mouth it presents itself as a dry wine of great aromatic concentration with accentuated wood notes, with firm tannins, which, combined with the characteristics of the variety, transmit rich and diverse aromas, predominantly nuts, beeswax and some spice.

Gastronomy: It can be enjoyed simply, as an excellent aperitif. He must be served at a temperature between 16ºC and 18ºC. Frasqueiras or Garrafeiras can create a natural deposit, so we recommend decanting them. After opening, the wine will remain for several months in good condition.

Winemaking: Spout open. Stalked grapes and pressed. Fermentation and temperature control. Interruption of fermentation by adding 96% vol. alcohol.

Ageing: In French oak casks or American, in the traditional process from construction site to bottling by a period of not less than 20 years.

Expected Longevity: Madeira wines, due to their characteristics and fortification, are of great longevity.

Ivo Couto

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Type Dry Madeira Wine
Year 1984
Region Madeira
Producer H.M. Borges
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 20% Vol
Production NA

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