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Constantino Ramos



Zafirah seeks to go back to the ancient traditions of red wines produced in the Monção region. These wines have already been described in the charter attributed by D. Afonso III to the town of Monção (1286). In fact, several historical records mention the sending of red wine from Monção to England during the 14th, 15th and 16th centuries, serving as a substitute for the famous Burgundy wines, which attests well to the quality of red wine from the region of yore. Thus, using a vineyard that is more than 70 years old, still with a trellis driving system, we tried to revive this style of wine. Open colored wines, light, fresh, with a strong acidity, very elegant and with a moderate alcohol content.

Grape Varieties: Alvarelhão, Borraçal, Pedral and Vinhão.

Tasting Notes: Open ruby color. Well-present fruity aromas where the presence of strawberry, fresh raspberries and peach stands out. Structured mouth, but equally fresh and elegant, with a strong acidity full of personality. Long and sharp aftertaste with structure resulting from time in barrels.

Serving Suggestion: Very versatile due to its high acidity, it can accompany elegant and smooth foods such as sushi or pasta dishes, as well as more complex and fatty dishes such as oven-roasted kid or roasted meat. It goes equally well with desserts. It should be drunk between 11-13ºC.

Vinification: Blended wine where the Alvarelhão variety is queen but well supported by Borraçal, Pedral and a little bit of Vinhão. Grapes harvested manually in small boxes, with a large selection right in the vineyard, only bunches in perfect ripeness and sanitary conditions are harvested. Totally destemmed. 48 hours of pre-fermentation maceration followed by direct pressing. No tanning. Fermentation in stainless steel (1/3) and used French oak barrels (2/3). 6-month internship. Handcrafted wine, "carried to the lap" throughout its process, without haste or hurdles, respecting its own will with minimal oenological interventions, surgical and respecting the character of the wine.

Winemaker: Constantino Ramos

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Type Red Wine
Year 2021
Region Vinho Verde
Producer Constantino Ramos
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 10.5% Vol
Production NA

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