Quinta de Seara D'Ordens

Seara D'Ordens TalentVs Vintage 2016

Quinta de Seara D'Ordens

Seara D'Ordens TalentVs Vintage 2016


This Vintage with personality and unique character, which is only produced in classic years, is made from the Quinta’s best grapes with a traditional and long winemaking. The wine was aged in stainless steel vessels for 12 months and then in old wood casks until bottling at the 2th year.

Grape Varieties: The most noble grape varieties of Douro (Vinhas Velhas).

Tasting Note: Of deep red and opaque color, the Vintage 2015 is a Port Wine that presents classical aroma, ripe and intense fruit, notes of chocolate and pepper. In the mouth, it’s full-bodied, persistent and lively with vigorous tannins.

Gastronomy: Goat and sheep blue cheeses, red meats, traditional sausages and chocolate.

Vinification: Stalking at 50%, fermented in stainless steel vats with automatic reassembly and temperature control.

Ageing: 12 Months in large vats, continuing in stainless steel vats until bottling.

Ageing Capacity: It is an intense, ripe and full-bodied wine, and a positive ageing in the bottle is predictable for a several years after bottling, with the wine acquiring a character of its own.

Winemaker: Luís Soares Duarte

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Type Vintage Port
Year 2016
Region Douro
Producer Quinta de Seara D'Ordens
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 19.5% Vol
Production 1.333 Bottles

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