MOB Gauvé Branco 2019


MOB Gauvé Branco 2019


This project was born from the will of three winemakers, Jorge Moreira, Francisco Olazabal and Jorge Serôdio Borges, to make a wine together. The place chosen was Dão, a region for which there was a common admiration, the result of tasting wines from the 60s and 70s, which surprised people with their elegance and freshness. The remarkable identity and complexity of these wines served as inspiration for MOB wines.

Vineyard: The vineyards, a total of fifteen hectares (composed of 5ha of old vines located in Gouveia and 10ha of vines over 20 years old in Seia) are located in one of the coldest places in Dão, the foothills of Serra da Estrela, at 550 meters of altitude, planted in granite soil with the traditional grape varieties of the region.

Grape Varieties: Centenary Vines from Gouveia.

Tasting Note: The mixture of grape varieties in our vineyard centenary grant Gauvé a unique and unreplicable profile. It is a super balanced wine, with notes of white fruit and a very lively acidity, giving it a long life in the bottle.

Vinification: In lagares and stainless steel vats with little extraction and low temperatures. Aged for 24 months in barrels French oak used.

Winemaker: Jorge Moreira, Francisco Olazabal and Jorge Serôdio Borges.

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Type White Wine
Year 2019
Region Dão
Producer M.O.B - Moreira, Olazabal & Borges
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 13.5% Vol
Production NA

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