Horácio Simões


Horácio Simões



Moscatel Roxo is a dessert wine produced in the Setúbal Region demarcated since 1907. Casa Agrícola Horácio Simões knew at a good time to bet on this variety that was extinct in the region and produce this nectar.

Tasting Note: Topaz color with streaks greenish. Floral aroma of roses, citrus, spices and evolution. Tasting, very soft, fresh and great intensity. Very long aftertaste.

Gastronomy: As an accompaniment to desserts at a temperature of 16ºC.

Winemaking: The Moscatel Roxo “SINGLE CASK” is the result of intense work over the last 20 years divided between the vineyard and the winery. The vineyard was monitored and pampered at all times so that yields did not exceed 2500 liters / ha and the grapes arrived at the winery in an ideal state of health and maturation. At the winery, a "proper" winemaking was conceived for this product, different from what was usual in other companies in the region. It consists of an intense selection of clusters followed by a pre-fermentative maceration for 5 days, after which the fermentation is allowed to start very slowly homogeneously throughout the vat, reaching ¾ of fermentation in 3 days, benefiting this wine with the best wine spirits available on the market selected by the company's technicians, followed by a 6-month long post-fermentative maceration. The final stage is carried out in used French oak 225 liter barrels, where they will be concentrating for years. For this wine a careful selection was made, to choose a barrel that stood out from all the existing ones, from thousands of liters.

Winemaker: Luís Camacho Simões

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Type Moscatel Wine
Year NA
Region Península de Setúbal
Producer Casa Agrícola Horácio Simões
Capacity 500ml
Alcohol 17.5% Vol
Production NA

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