H.M. Borges


H.M. Borges



Boal from a single harvest, aged in oak casks.

Grape varieties: 100% Boal.

Tasting Notes: Bright amber color, with brownish yellow nuances. Exotic and complex aromas that evolve oxidatively from wood ripening, such as caramel and roasted almonds. Some notes iodine, dried figs, tea, tobacco and spices. Medium sweet, clean, with a subtle, harmonious and complex style. Acidity and body balanced in structure and in harmony with sweetness and tannins, which guarantee you, with certainty, a medium / long longevity.

Gastronomy: It is a wine for any occasion. Great for special occasions. Some rich desserts or more savory cheeses can be combined. It should be served at a temperature between 15ºC and 16ºC. This wine should be stored vertically, in a space protected from sun exposure and at a constant temperature. Decanting will help to remove any deposits that may have occurred on the bottle over time. After opening, the wine will remain in good condition for several months.

Winemaking: Spout open. Stalked and pressed grapes. Fermentation control and temperature. Stopping fermentation by adding wine alcohol to 96% Vol.

Aging: In French oak casks or American, in the traditional process from construction site to bottling by a period of not less than 12 years.

Expected Longevity:
Madeira wines, due to their characteristics and fortification, are of great longevity.

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Type Medium Sweet Madeira Wine
Year 2005
Region Madeira
Producer H.M. Borges
Capacity 500ml
Alcohol 20% Vol
Production NA

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