H.M. Borges

H.M. Borges 3 Anos Meio Seco 375ML

H.M. Borges

H.M. Borges 3 Anos Meio Seco 375ML


Tinta Negra from several years of harvest with an average age of 3 years. Volcanic and basaltic soils, textured clayey, acidic and rich in organic matter. A subtropical climate mild, hot summers and temperate winters. Great proximity between vineyards and the sea, which gives wines a perfect acidity.

Varieties: Varietal Tinta Negra.

Tasting Notes: Amber colour with yellow-orange nuances. Notes of wood, caramel and tea. Balanced acidity with a clean finish.

Gastronomy: Serve as an aperitif or with a starter. Must be served at a temperature between 13ºC and 14ºC. It doesn't have to be decanted. After opening, the wine will remain for several months in good condition.

Winemaking: Open spout with temperature control. Stalked and pressed grapes. Interruption of fermentation by adding neutral wine alcohol at 96% Vol.

Ageing: Estufagem (process of ageing the wine through heat) in 650 litres oak barrels, followed by a stage partly in stainless steel and partly in oak casks French for more than 18 months.

Expected Longevity: Madeira wines, due to their characteristics and fortification, are of great longevity.

Winemaker: Ivo Couto

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Type Medium Dry Madeira Wine
Age 3 Years Old
Region Madeira
Producer H.M. Borges
Capacity 375ml
Alcohol 18% Vol
Production NA

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