Filipa Pato

Filipa Pato Território Vivo 2020

Filipa Pato

Filipa Pato Território Vivo 2020


"Território Vivo" because of the heritage of old vines of Baga we want to keep alive (=vivo). Mostly when we take over the vineyards, the biggest work is to revitalize the soils and regain the energy of the vines. These vines are mostly bush vines looking as a rose garden after we take care of them. The natural flora and fauna returns to give a natural balance in the vineyards.

Grape Varieties: Baga. Vineyards about 20 years old.

Tasting Note: Brilliant intense dark cherry red colour with a present viscosity. The nose is complex with aromas of stone fruit (cherry, black plums), cacao, cigar leaves and cedar wood. The taste is delicate and elegant, the texture is silky and velvety, in the aftertaste there is a dark chocolate touch with a nice freshness thanks to the pureness of the Baga.

Gastronomy: This will be the perfect match for refined recipes (not too spicy) fillet of beef, fillet of veal, pigeon, duck and creamy cheeses. Prior decanting and serving in elegant glasses at temperature recommended of 16-18ºC.

Vinification: The grapes are handpicked from different vineyards in Bairrada. Partly destemmed, fermented in open oak lagares with some extraction (pigeage) and less maceration on the skins. After the fermentation the wine is aged in 500 – 600 l used pipas and tonel (big cask).

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Type Red Wine
Year 2020
Region Bairrada
Producer Filipa Pato & William Wouters
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 12.5% Vol
Production NA
Farming In Conversion to Biodynamic

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