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Portal Fine Tawny

Quinta do Portal

Portal Fine Tawny


Portal Fine Tawny is very smooth, clean and bright. Probably the best in its category! It ages for 4 years in cask, so even though it still has lot of fresh fruit it already started developing a nutty character. This wine is mostly enjoyed as an apéritif, slightly chilled, but also works very well as a dessert wine for those who prefer a lighter style of wine.

Grape Varieties: Traditional red varieties such as Tinta Roriz, Touriga Franca, Tinta Barroca and Touriga Nacional.

Winemaker's Notes: Named Tawny for its colour due to the ageing in oak, it reveals a dried fruits and raisins aroma. The smoothness and balance on the palate, give us a good idea of the slowly ageing process. It has the complexity from the Tawnies but still some irreverence from of a young Port.

Vinification: Hand picked/ transported in small cases. Alcoholic fermentation with maceration in stainless steel vats at temperature control 24-26ºC.

Ageing: Average of 4-5 years in barrels.

Suggestion: It can be enjoyed with salted almonds, olives cheeses and charcuterie, always slightly chilled. Suitable for vegetarian diet.

Winemaker: Paulo Coutinho

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Type Tawny Port
Year NA
Region Douro
Producer Quinta do Portal
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 19.5% Vol
Production 40000 Bottles

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