Soalheiro Nature Branco 2022


Soalheiro Nature Branco 2022


Quinta de Soalheiro launched the first Alvarinho produced without the addition of sulphites: Soalheiro Nature "Pur Terroir", which, like Soalheiro Terramatter belongs to the Soalheiro Natural family, an entirely different Soilheiro, without filtration where Biodiversity is valued in the vineyards. This Soalheiro appears as a search for pioneering spirit in Alvarinho, always willing to excel, assuming dimensions with a striking personality and the constant desire to be recognized for his humility as an expert in Alvarinho.

Grape Varieties : Alvarinho

Tasting Note: The color and aroma are intense and despite the absence of added sulfites, the aroma and flavor have minerality and fruit. The flavor is complex with a soft, round start due to the complete malolactic with a strong and intense finish.

Winemaking: Alvarinho grapes are harvested manually in the vineyards of Quinta de Soalheiro, where production concepts are used that value biodiversity and the viticultural ecosystem, promoting environmental sustainability. The microclimate that influences the production of Alvarinho grapes is very particular. Melgaço, the northernmost region of Portugal, is protected by a set of mountain ranges that allow a perfect match between rainfall, temperature and the number of hours of sun necessary for the best ripening of Alvarinho grapes.

Gastronomy : Fish dishes and white meats. Wine ordering food.

Winemaker: Luís Cerdeira

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Type White Wine
Year 2022
Region Vinho Verde
Producer Soalheiro
Capacity 750ml
Alcohol 12.5% Vol
Production NA

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